Mission Statement:

St. Ursula’s is a Catholic school which aims to nurture and cherish the uniqueness of each individual and develop her full potential, while respecting the religion and culture of all.


As an Ursuline School, St. Ursula’s strives to foster a school community where Christian values are lived and taught. Accordingly, religious instruction, liturgical services and prayer are part of the daily life of the school. The school offers opportunities for open communication so that both parents and school can work together to ensure the holistic development of the child.

The children are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning and to develop the talents and gifts unique to each one. The school prides itself on its focus on the individual pupil and specialist staff provide learning support for pupils with specific learning difficulties. The more gifted pupils are equally encouraged to ensure they reach their full potential.

The school encourages the children to show respect at all times, for themselves and others and for the environment and to be active members of the school community. Talent and achievement are celebrated at weekly Assembly.