Healthy Lunch Policy


 Here at St. Ursula’s we have a healthy eating policy. We encourage the children to eat a balanced diet so that they can lead healthy, active happy lives.

Some students avail of the healthy lunches on sale for €10 per week. This contains sandwiches, a yoghurt, a piece of fruit and a cereal bar.

Nutrition, the food pyramid, food groups….every area of healthy eating is covered in our curriculum, right up through the school from infants to 6th class.

Junk food, fizzy drinks, crisps, chewing gum are all forbidden in our school.

For ideas on what to pack for a healthy school lunch click here



 food dudes (Copy)

This year our school took part in the national Food Dudes programme. The children tasted many different types of fruit & vegetables and got prizes for trying new foods. It was a really enjoyable programme and everybody still uses their Food Dudes lunchboxes.

We regularly enter ‘Happy Heart’ competitions run by the Heart Foundation, reinforcing the message of healthy eating in our school.

We pride ourselves on being a healthy and happy school.

Click here for more information on the Food Dudes Programme