Book Club

We love reading in St. Ursula’s! Read the reports below from some of the girls who joined Book Club this year…..


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Book Club – by Jordana Simpson

We have a school book club in St. Ursula’s. It was set up in 2013 to encourage the fifth and sixth class children to read. I already read lots of books but when I joined Book Club I was given different types of books, some of which I didn’t enjoy but most of which i loved.

I would recommend to the fourth class to join Book Club next year as you learn new words and it improves your English writing.

I thoroughly enjoyed Book Club and I will definitely join it again next year.


Book Club – by Carla Alexa, Fifth Class Miss Twomey

The reason why I joined Book Club is because it seemed like a great opportunity to read a large variety of books. In Book Club the teachers go to the City Library and pick out a few different books that they think we would like or that look interesting, and borrow them for a few months.

They pick books from many different authors so that all of us can experience different styles of writing.

I recommend Book Club because you can read books that are free of charge. It’s on every month after school on a Tuesday. I recommend this activity for kids who like a wide range of books to read. Some of the books might be longer than others but not all the time.

Now that the school library is nearly finished, the teachers are hoping to get books for Book Club in there.


Book Club – by Aoife Queally, Sixth Class Miss Power

Book Club is a group of girls who stay back after school to read books. Book Club takes place on a Tuesday afternoon every 3-4 weeks.

Ms. Power organises my group. She borrows the books from the library, so we all have to take extra care of them.

At the start of the year we were all put into groups of about 3 or 4 and every group was given a teacher to look after them. We then go to that teacher’s classroom to read our books.

When we have all the book read we bring it back to Ms. Power’s classroom and wait for the next Book Club meeting!


Book Club by Megan Keating, Fifth Class Miss Twomey

Book Club has been a great experience. Ever since we went back to book Club my reading has improved so much.

I would recommend Book Club to anyone. the books are the best books ever. The book I am reading at the moment is ‘The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips’ by Michael Morpurgo. I used to think the book was not as good as the film, but that’s not true!