St. Ursula’s is steeped in musical tradition. Children are exposed to all elements of the music curriculum from the moment they start Junior Infants.

Junior and Senior Infants come together once a week for Infant Choir. They learn a vast repertoire of songs from a variety of genres. They are usually accompanied by Mrs McGrath on the piano and they put on occasional concerts for parents and other classes.

Classes from First to Sixth perform weekly assemblies for the rest of the school at a general school assembly in the hall. Music and performance is an important feature of these assemblies.

Several classes have begun to learn the tin whistle with their class teachers. 2015 saw the introduction of tin whistle lessons with Comhaltas . A member of Comhaltas comes in every week to teach tin whistle to Fourth Classes. The children are charged a nominal fee. They have been really enjoying these lessons and are already showing great signs of improvement!

Guitar lessons are available for pupils of Sixth Class. Lessons are provided by Mrs. O’Mahony. There is a supply of school guitars for pupils who don’t have access to their own guitar. The girls become quite proficient after just a term and usually put on a Christmas performance for the rest of the school.

At Chrismas time each year the St. Angela’s Senior Choir, Junior Choir, School Orchestra and Comhalatas group, visit us in St. Ursula’s to perform a variety of songs and compositions. The children look forward to this annual treat and love to learn all about the different instruments of the orchestra.

Liturgy is a very important part of St. Ursula’s. The children have the opportunity to sing and perform at quite a number of celebrations and services throughout the year. St. Ursula’s feast day occurs on October 21st. Each year the staff and pupils of St. Ursula’s celebrate her feast day at a beautiful mass on the Friday we break up for Halloween mid-term. The children perform songs, readings, prayers etc. Parents are always welcome at this event. Music is also an important part of all the sacraments and the different services and celebrations that accompany them.

Children from St. Ursula’s play an important part in the Sacred Heart Carol Service each year when they sing Christmas Carols and reenact the birth of Jesus. This is a beautiful service and well worth a visit if you haven’t been before!



The staff and pupils of St. Ursula’s love to enhance every celebration and event with music, where possible. It’s even a feature of our Green Flag Open Days, where on occasion we have been known to write our own songs to fit the bill! Check out this video montage of our 2015 Open Day here

St. Ursula’s holds a school concert every second year. The next school concerts are due to take place in 2016. These are always an exciting event. Children love the novelty of coming to school in the nighttime and getting all dressed up! Infant classes usually perform Christmas concerts which they put on for both students and parents. These take place during the school day.

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