Savings Club

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The Ursuline Savings Scheme takes place every Friday. It’s open to students from third to sixth class. Miss Walsh oversees the running of the scheme and the fantastic Savings Scheme Committee do all the office work in the ‘School Bank’ each week! Read a report below written by one of the members….


I’m Lucy Brennan and I’m in Mr. Beglin’s Fourth Class. Every Friday I take part in the Savings Scheme. I take part because it is a great way to encourage children like me to start saving.

There are 20 spaces on each savings card. For each space you can purchase a stamp and each stamp is worth €1 (so €2 = 2 stamps, €5 = 5 stamps etc). You bring in money every week to buy stamps to fill your card. Once you’ve filled your card you can take it to the Post Office (start an account if you don’t already have one) and lodge your savings card into your account.

If you go the Ursuline, or any school that has a Savings scheme, you really should join. Get a signed note from your parents and bring some money for stamps. You should definitely start saving.

I absolutely love savings scheme and I’m definitely going to save until I’m older – for college, bills, insurance, cars, and to buy horses and lots more!

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