Active Lunches


St. Ursula’s Primary School is an Active school. Our aim is to provide children with learning opportunities through the medium of physical activity and encourage them to lead active, healthy lives.

We try to promote participation and enjoyment of physical activity at all times.

We offer a wide range of activities in St. Ursula’s. All areas of the curriculum are considered throughout the school year. Our school plan ensures progression and continuity.

Our Active Lunch Scheme began a few years ago  and has proved extremely successful. The kids really enjoy this free play with the different equipment the school has available. The Sports’ Committee do a fantastic job setting out the equipment for the various class levels. Each class grouping gets their turn 2 or 3 times a week. They engage in activities such as skipping, dancing, ball playing, tennis, basketball to name but a few. Someof the senior girls ‘buddy’ the younger children and show them how to dribble, throw and catch a ball, for example, as well as playing various playground games etc with them.

We are a very busy, active school for sure. We are delighted to have so many opportunities to stay active and incorporate physical activity into so many areas of our school day.

We have great support from so many of the teaching staff and our Principal. We have an active staff , who really do enjoy taking part in as much as possible.

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